It's that time of year again....annual city inspections. Yes, each year our bed & breakfast undergoes a City of Chicago inspection as a part of our license renewal. The inspection includes and on-site review by the Chicago Fire Department. Fire extinguishers are checked for current year service tags (an outdated yellow inspection tag is a tell tale sign of no recent inspection). Of particular interest are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Of course each must be in working order.  Additionally, fire safety evacuation maps must be posted in each guest room. The Department of Buildings inspects our physical structure for soundness and maintenance to identify issues that could affect public safety. These protections are all part and parcel of staying in a licensed B&B. As yourself if the vacation rental you found on Craigslist or AirBNB affords the same piece of mind. At House 5863, we take your safety seriously and are proud to undergo an annual inspection so that you know we are not only a comfortable but also a safe place to stay in Chicago.

We love hearing from you.  Please continue to send your notes and cards. They are great and we always get a thill from receiving them. Online reviews are okay, but nothing conveys a thought like a good old fashioned letter or card.  Thanks again.
Ok, you will not find a shop like this any where else in Chicago, or...well, anywhere. Just steps from House 5863 Bed & Breakfast you will find the Wooly Mammoth. This video says it all. Visit the store, its one of out favorites here at House 5863 B&B.
One of the many things I love about living in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago is that the local shops offer a unique shopping opportunity where you can always expect the unexpected. Yesterday, I had the chance to pop in to Brownstone Antiques and Collectibles at 5234 N Clark Street. What greeted me at the door was indeed a one-of-a-kind find: two 5 foot tall Indian chief lamps. They are simply awesome and I struggled all day to think of who among my friends would just have to have them.  Unfortunately, I came up empty handed. But I want someone to have them and give them a good home for the next 75 years of their life. They are just too cool not to be shared.

The shops of Andersonville frequently offer opportunities to find objects like no other. Here, there are few chains and instead we have a collective of merchants that are devoted to bringing the community and our visitors that special gift like no other.

Shop local.  Shop Andersonville.

Ok, just a few thoughts that I want to share about lodging and hotel alternatives in Chicago. Recently, there has been an explosion of available options. You may have heard of AirBnB.com or you may have come across one of the many advertisements placed on the vacation rentals section of Craigslist. It seems as though everyone has a couch or a condo to rent by the night or week. In large part, this has been driven by both the need for alternatives and present market conditions in real estate.

I found it interesting to learn about the impetus behind AirBnB while at a Inman conference in San Francisco. The idea was launched by several guys who literally wanted to see if there was a market for renting an air mattress to area visitors. Well, there was and the site took off from there. Now AirBnB has vacation rentals around the world. Similarly, even a cursory review of Craigslist vacation rentals will reveal hundreds of lodging options from a lowly couch to luxurious condominiums with all the benefits of home away from home.

I must offer a few words of caution to those considering one of these two alternatives. First, know what you are getting. Ask if the party you are renting from is reputable.  Are you turning your money over to a stranger?  What protections do you have? What would you do if you arrive and the property is not available, is not as described, or worse , the whole thing is a scam. Craigslist is replete with those offering multiple ways to help you part with your money. Is the property safe, secure, etc...

In Chicago, as of 2011, vacation rentals must be licensed. Ask for that information before you do business with any rental property owner. And, that goes for AirBnB rentals as well.  Just because they are listed on that site doesn't mean they are licensed.  MANY MANY MANY rental operators are not licensed and by doing business with them you are at risk.

A better alternative is to consider one of Chicago's many Bed & Breakfast options. Chicago licenses all B&Bs and to get this license, the establishment has to undergo a thorough inspection by the buildings depatment and the Chicago Fire Department. Each year the properties are re-inspected. Additionally, reputable B&Bs are members of the Chicago Bed & Breakfast Assciation http://www.chicago-bed-breakfast.com. Check with that group to find links to all Chicago B&Bs.

Chicago has many alternatives to the traditional hotel, but exercise caution in making your choices. Always ask if the benefit of saving a few dollars is woth the risk of a ruined vacation or visit.
Edgewater Community Council is sponsoring the second annual "Chicago SandCastle Open" this Saturday from 10-3 at Osterman Beach at Lake Shore Drive and Hollywood.

Are you a talented sandcastle builder? If so you could take home the $500 grand prize.Details Here

TimeOut Magazine features Andersonville storefronts in this week's article.  Check it out.  This is what makes Andersonville such a great neighborhood to live in.  Interested in moving to Andersonville?  Reach out to us here at iMove Chicago and we can hook you up.  
If you are visiting Chicago soon and staying with House 5863 bed & Breakfast, the Chamber of Commerce has an excellent web site where you can get a lot of useful information about our neighborhood and upcoming events.  

Check out this article in Martha Stewart Living magazine about our very own neighborhood: Andersonville.

Alderman Harry Osterman confirmed the rumors on friday, confirming that Ann Sather restaurant will be coming to Edgewater. According to the Alderman's weekly update, Anne Sather will open in the space that was once Banana's Foster, which closed recently after the owner/operator encountered health issues which forced him to close. While we are sorry to see Banans Foster go, we do certainly welcome its replacement. Ann Sather's is an institution in Andersonville and Lakeview, where it operates traditional swedish restaurants.


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